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Southern suburbs spring hotel
Author:Song Zhenhua Source:Front Office Views: Date:2014-02-27

Southern suburbs spring hotel


Spring in the southern suburbs , is quietly changing the charming grace.

Egeria switchgrass little slowly on the elongated , variable width , and from afar, already by the early spring when the hazy , looming faint light green , into the present , " Jasper makeup into a tree height , square bar hanging green silk sash , "the moving scenery. Prunus petals open as early as the breeze movie has been released into the atmosphere , heady Huayu shed . After Prunus flowers too , pear , apricot , magnolia , crabapple, forsythia , flowering plum , Bauhinia , are also competing bloom , the white, red, yellow, pink , purple variety of flowers children , a round , covered with clusters of branches , laughing huddled together , crowded. " Four yellow flower maiden full footpath , one thousand ten thousand sticks of low pressure " , when the poet Du Fu met if the scenery here today , and I do not know how to write Quotes to . These lovely flowers are as fresh spring added a lot of bright colors , more vivid and stunning views make up .

By getting warm weather , the trees are racing to display their best side , the grass were also not to be outdone .

Significant turning green lawn Foulest fragrance in the spring , dotted , and is the earliest flowering to the small, purple flowers blossoming as a picture of cheerful smile , attracting children who come early bee honey . Everywhere dandelion , shepherd's purse and bitter herbs have been verdant , fresh and plump, mouth-watering dishes made them hate immediately , bites .

If the time to find a good day sunny , clouds in the Seven Star Lake rest stop walking on the bridge , in which hidden in downtown party quietly , looking away feelings of pleasure rolling hills, watching the shore touch the wind blew the Cuiliu wipe with early return of ducks on the sparkling waters of the cheerful play on the lake, at the foot of a smile on clumps of jasmine in the sun . These stunning scenery set off all kinds of beautiful surrounds the building , people will like exposure pastoral , temporarily forget earthly troubles , so enjoy this rare quiet the mind .

You can also sit in the central hills of jade river pavilion , listening to all kinds of unknown birds singing happily in the forest , watching the road not far from the small exchanges between lawn stroll flowers tourists, and then look forward to have some day more leafy trees , the flowers more colorful, more beautiful scenery look. Or close your eyes and feel it everywhere in the wonderful spring, will make people sigh nature is so beautiful, but also when the perception of life as this spring , full of vitality.

Spring is a beautiful southern suburbs , winter to spring back to the days are so delightful , but here is a short spring . People have not had time to appreciate her graceful figure , the arrival of summer hurry up . In fact, in the southern suburbs of acres of gardens throughout the year are never eclipsed , Smart spring , summer passion , elegant autumn and winter 's deep, will make people indulge them , linger.


( Front Office Song Zhenhua )